Working with people with cognitive impairment, carers and families: Webinar

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who would like to learn more about partnering with  people with cognitive impairment, their carers, support people and families. Slides available here.

Webinar Special – Interview with delirium expert, Professor Inouye

Professor Sharon Inouye is interviewed by Associate Professor Gideon Caplan. They discuss the vital importance of addressing delirium in our health care system.

Q&A on NSQHS Standards: Webinar for lead hospital cognitive champions

This webinar discusses the inclusion of cognitive impairment in NSQHS Standards and offered an opportunity for participants to consider their role as lead cognitive champions. Slides available here.

Safer use of medicines for cognitive impairment: Webinar

This webinar covers key elements including medication reconciliation and review, appropriate prescribing and consumer involvement along with illustrating the importance of a team approach.

Slides available here. Supplementary video here.

Improving the hospital environment for people with cognitive impairment: Webinar

This webinar explores a number of aspects of improving the hospital environment including environment design principles and putting these principles into practice.

The slides are available here.

All about caring for cognitive impairment: Webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the campaign, its purpose and the benefits of joining.

Slides available here..

Getting started lessons from the field: Caring for Cognitive Impairment campaign

In this webinar, three presenters share their experiences of improving the care of people with cognitive impairment in hospital.

Slides available here.

Be alert to delirium: Webinar

This webinar explains what delirium is, its risks and how to prevent it.

Slides available here.

Be alert to delirium: Question time

In this webinar Professor Gideon Caplan answers further questions on delirium that weren’t covered in his popular first delirium webinar.

Caring for cognitive impairment responding to distress

This webinar focuses on what clinicians can do to reduce distress that is often experienced by people with cognitive impairment in hospital.

Slides available here.