A better way to care

The Commission has developed three resources for managers, clinicians and consumers to help improve care of people with cognitive impairment. The resources follow a pathway, describing strategies that reflect evidence-based practice and existing models of care. The strategies can be linked to the existing NSQHS Standards and will be updated to map to the second edition of the NSQHS Standards.

Actions for health service managers

This resource is for health service managers, executives and owners of health services who are responsible for achieving strategic change and developing programs and projects to improve safety and quality. It is intended that the resource will support organisation-wide implementation of safety and quality improvements for people with cognitive impairment.

Actions for clinicians

Actions for clinicians is for clinicians who are responsible for the care and treatment of patients with cognitive impairment. It is intended that the resource will improve the early recognition of, and response to, patients with cognitive impairment so that patients receive safe and high-quality care. The resource guides clinicians through the safety and quality pathway for patients with cognitive impairment in hospital using consolidated evidence-based actions from research and a range of existing guidelines and current good practice.

App resource

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Actions for consumers

Actions for consumers is designed for patients with cognitive impairment, their carers and families and outlines what they can do during a hospital stay to assist in the provision of safe and high-quality care.

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