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These resources will help you gain a better understanding
of caring for people with cognitive impairment.

Please also print and share these resources to help raise awareness.

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My Healthcare Rights - A guide for people with cognitive impairment

This guide is for people with cognitive impairment, carers, families and support people. It provides information about keeping you safe and supported when you are in hospital and other healthcare environments.

About healthcare rights for people with cognitive impairment - Easy English Guide

This book tells you about your right to health care that is good, safe, and supported.

Caring for Cognitive Impairment Infographic

The caring for cognitive impairment infographic summarises the risks of harm and highlights that individuals, health service organisations and supporting organisations and supporting organisations can all make a difference.

Caring for patients with dementia in hospital

The caring for patients with dementia in hospital infographic summarises the risks of harm for patients with dementia and highlights ways to improve their hospital care.

Delirium infographic

The delirium infographic highlights that delirium is common in hospitals and is associated with increased risks of harm. It can be downloaded and used as a poster to raise awareness.

Reducing inappropriate use of antipsychotics infographic

This infographic is targeted at reducing inappropriate use of antipsychotics. It summarises why this is such an important issue for people with behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) across multiple healthcare settings.

Delirium Clinical Care Standard Poster

The delirium Clinical Care Standard poster provides key steps for treatment and prevention of delirium in hospitals. Click the links to view the Delirium Clinical Care Standard Consumer Factsheet and Clinician Factsheet.

A system for caring for cognitive impairment

This information sheet describes a system for caring for cognitive impairment.

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