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Hospital Dementia Champions Program

Alzheimer’s WA is delighted to support the Caring for Cognitive Impairment campaign. As the dementia experts, Alzheimer’s WA works with those living with dementia and the organisations that care for and support them to have the greatest beneficial impact on their dementia journey.

We have a commitment to build capacity in other organisations to help them become dementia experts. Through our hospital dementia champions program we are able to support members of the hospital workforce who wish to champion better outcomes for people living with dementia.

The hospital dementia champions program is a two day program that follows a comprehensive train-the-trainer approach to develop expertise in the care of patients with cognitive impairment. Our experienced dementia specialist consultants provide dementia hospital champions with education and reflective practice opportunities to enable them to advise on and manage dementia practice development and culture change. Participants in the program receive ongoing support, mentoring and education to further develop their skills and knowledge.

Initiatives that have been introduced by trained champions at hospitals across Western Australia include:

  • Implementation of a volunteer program
  • Introduction of personal profiles to support person-centred care
  • Environmental modifications such as new gardens, contrasting colours and signage.
  • Advocacy for changes to policies and procedures to reflect the importance of cognitive screening
  • Strategies that encourage the use of antipsychotics as a last resort rather than the first intervention.

Champions have also delivered an extensive program of education to hospital staff, with topics ranging from pain to delirium to communication.

Details of the Hospital Dementia Champions Program can be found on our website or by calling our Customer Support Team on 1300 66 77 88.


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