Logan Hospital*

Increasing awareness, one newsletter at a time

Logan Hospital has committed to the Caring for Cognitive Impairment campaign and recently convened a multidisciplinary steering committee to develop strategies to improve clinical outcomes for patients with dementia and delirium. This includes a new staff newsletter.


Strategies that made a difference

Increasing staff awareness of caring for cognitive impairment and sharing experiences and strategies is a key priority for Logan Hospital.

The hospital established a Caring for Cognitive Impairment multidisciplinary Steering Committee to support this. Three focused working groups are managed by the committee including:

  • The Environmental and Diversional Working Group
  • Staff Education Working Group
  • The Consumer Engagement Working Group.

Increasing staff awareness of the Caring for Cognitive Impairment campaign is one of the main objectives of Logan Hospital. One way to ensure staff awareness of this work was using the Logan and Beaudesert Hospitals weekly online publication The Pulse as an information tool to issue targeted articles and messages to staff on a regular basis.


Simple, time and cost-effective, The Pulse has proven beneficial to communicating messages to staff. One article supporting the caring for cognitive impairment Campaign has led to support and a donation of $100 of resources for the Logan Hospital Cognition Corner Boxes, a public area in the hospital that includes a range of tools and education information around cognitive impairment.

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