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Caring for Cognitive Impairment is for anyone who wants to make a difference -health service managers, doctors, nurses, allied health, hospital care and support staff, health professionals in primary health and community care, consumers, family members and carers. Share your story below. This can be a simple paragraph or a more detailed story of up to a page. For example:

  • As a health service manager, share how you have introduced systems to support change.
  • As a health professional, share what has helped you to change your practice.
  • supporting organisation, share information about activities you’re undertaking to support the campaign.
  • As a hospital care or support worker, share what has helped you care for people with cognitive impairment.
  • As a person working in primary health or community (including residential care), let us know what has helped with the transition of people with cognitive impairment to and from hospital.
  • As a person living with cognitive impairment, let us know what made your hospital stay a positive experience or what could have been done better. If you developed delirium during your stay, let us know of anything that you remember made a positive difference.
  • As a family member, carer or support person, describe what made a positive difference for you or what could have been done better?

Stories can be about the whole experience or focus on a particular topic, such as screening, understanding the person, involving carers, communication, the environment, transitions etc. 

We will review your submitted story, summarise to highlight key points and then publish the edited version with your permission. 

If you would prefer to tell us your story over the phone, email to set up a time. 

  • Tell us about you, the person, the setting


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